I'm working in online advertising since 1998 and finally decided to start my own blog.

Who am I and why you should pay attention to what I have to say?

My real name is Matej, matuloo is just a nickname I started to use many years ago when I  registered on the first internet forum. That was back in the year 1998, that’s when I started to look for ways to make money on the internet. I discovered the world of affiliate marketing and the rest is history. If we do the math, I’m close to reaching 20 years of being an affiliate marketer. You can imagine I went through a lot things during that time, I had awesome years, I had not-so-awesome years and I had years that flat out sucked ?

But I survived it all and Im still running strong, making my living on the Net and enjoying the process. I came to the conclusion, 20 years of experience is more than enough to be finally able to start my own blog and write about ways to make money on the Internet. So here I am, writing this introduction and preparing stuff to post on my blog.

During those years, I did pretty much everything there is to be done on the Net :

  • I’ve been running my own sites – I still own some that are making me a nice stable passive income.
  • I made a lot of money on SEO when it was easy and hot.
  • I helped to build a few large projects.
  • I managed advertising campaigns for client big and small.
  • I bought and sold large quantities of traffic in multiple niches.

In case you are wondering what keeps me busy now, it’s three things actually :

  1. I buy traffic and ad spots on a large number of traffic networks or individual sites and promote affiliate offers. This is also called Media Buying or Working with Paid Traffic. Whatever the term used, its still about the same – you need to buy the traffic cheaper than what you can sell it for ? It sounds easy, but like anything lucrative in the world, its a complex process and not everyone can do it.
  2. Since almost a year ago, I am a moderator on one affiliate marketing forum called StackThatMoney.Com (STM). There are many affiliate forums out there, but I personally like this one the most. It is a paid forum with a fee of $99 per month, which might sound high but it has one huge positive – the fee keeps the idiots out and attracts professional marketers. I personally help members of the forum to reach their goals, so in case you’re a member there, don’t hesitate to ask for help!
  3. I have a family of total 5 members – me + wife + 3 kids … as you can imagine, sometimes its a challenge to keep up with 3 young kids and still get some work done. That’s why I love affiliate marketing in a way and that’s why I stick to it even after 20 years. There are no fixed hours, there is no boss … you do what you need to get done, when you feel like it. And even if it can be time consuming and stressful at times, once you get the ball rolling it’s pretty easy to maintain a rather cool lifestyle.

I think there is no need to make this intro longer. I will fill this blog with a lot of useful data in the coming weeks and months, so you might want to get on my mailing list to stay informed.

BTW : The photo has been taken at the Affiliate World Europe conference, it was an amazing event with over 2000 attendees – I think it’s pretty much the biggest affiliate meetup you can actually attend.

Have a nice day,
Matej (Matuloo)

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  1. Glad to see you’ve started a blog and that I can now put a face to a name. Your advice and guides on STM have definitely helped me!

  2. Hey,
    I found you through STM also, and I have to say that your blog has been really helpful and personable to read. I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing, and was wondering if I could chat with you on skype. My ID: audreyjlee

    It’d be awesome to hear from you!

    1. Hello Audrey.

      I’m available on STM, send me a PM if you need personal assistance. I don’t offer help on skype, my family wouldn’t be very happy if I started to do this too. I’m already not giving them the time they deserve 🙁

  3. Just finished reading every single one of your articles and gained invaluable experience from each one.

    I just joined STM last night and immediately saw many posts from you helping out others which is what led me here from your sig .

    I’m pretty new to the AM game but have built profitable websites for 15 + years, building them up then selling them on to larger companies and start over.

    I’ve decided to switch my focus to AM and I’m really looking forward to the journey, I hope to bounce some ideas off of you on STM in the coming weeks if that’s OK.

    Thanks for such a great straight forward blog on getting started in AM.

    1. Hello Jasona!

      Thanks for your kind words, I really regret I didn’t start the blog sooner … but better late than never 🙂

      Whatever you need, just ask on STM and send me a PM in case you need prompt reply.

  4. Hei Mat,

    I appreciate your time for making this blog. Awesome blog.
    I just joined STM, and you replied my first post. Thanks!
    I am still learning this AM things, and hopefully, I can meet you in person oneday.

    1. Hello Mas!

      Thanks for your kind words. If you need my help on STM, start a thread and send me a PM with the thread URL. I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.


  5. Hi Mat,

    Are there any possibilities to contact you directly? My company is interested in working with you & we have an offer.

    I am looking forward hearing from you.
    Kindest regards,

  6. Hey Matej a.k.a. Matuloo,

    Thanks for all the info you share on this blog! And damn, 20 years of experience :O. If you had a normal job you would be a “Senior Affiliate Marketer” :P. Just kidding of course.

    I wish you and your family the best!

    PS: While writing this comment I came across your interview on addiliate.com. Thanks for the valuable insights!

    1. Thanks man, glad that you like what I’m publishing 🙂

      20 years is a long time for sure, I might become the longest running affiliate in the world soon 🙂

  7. Hello Matuloo,
    First of all, very interesting blog, and great job as moderator on the STM Forum. I see you posted info about the Moscom Affiliate Conference that took place in October. There’s another one in March I’m planning to attend, but would love to get your input on the October one, either if you attended it yourself, or received feed backs related to that event.
    Thank you in advance!

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