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Meet Manu Cinca, founder of the daily Affiliate Newsletter WTAFF.co … how it started and where is it going?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve most likely heard about the WTAFF newsletter … everyone across the affiliate industry seems to be loving it and for a good reason. Manu puts a lot of work into bringing his readers a quick sum-up of the most important things that relate to affiliate marketing, in one way or another.

NOTE: Just for the sake of making sure we are all on the same board … this is the newsletter I’m talking about : https://www.wtaff.co/ 🙂

I know Manu for quite some time already, we met at the STM Forum couple years ago and we also met in person several times, be it for business at AWA or AWE, or just to have a few beers in Wien, for example. So I know that Manu is a great guy, very clever and business oriented …

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The Email Subject Line Experiment – How to increase open rates.


Yesterday I sent an email to the subscribers of my newsletter, in an attempt to find out how much the subject line will affect the opening rate. 24 hours have passed so it’s time to sum up the results a little bit. But first of all, why did I do this in the first place? This blog is about marketing and it’s supposed to help the readers to become better marketers. Real life experiments are the best way of learning something, I believe they are 10 times as valuable as

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